Year-end Financial Statements

Note: The balances listed in accounts are committed to projects ongoing and/or restricted. 


Equipment Purchases 2017-2018

Made Possible through the Generous Donations of our Community

In consultation with the Site Manager, Jordan Koch and other department managers and staff:

1. Physician's Headlamp - 

with funds from Summerview Ladies Group

2. Stand Alone Neopuff for Infant Resuscitation for LDR 

3. Massimo-Rad Pulse Oximeter x 2 

4. Stryker and Hill-Rom birthing beds for Labor & Delivery Room 

5. Custom Roller Blinds for Acute Care - 

with funds from the Tomik family

6. Demo Qube Monitor - 

7. Mobile Light Unit for LDR - 

8. Electrosurgical Cautery Unit for the Operating Room

9. Olympus CO2 insufflator for Endoscopy-

with funds from the Pincher Creek Lions Club

10. ECG MAC5500 Upgrade - 

with funds from Shell Resources

11. Two Staff lounge leather couches - 

with funds from the Lois Vance estate

12. New Laryngoscope equipment with 6 blades - 

 purchased by Lois and Glen Mumey 

13. Kyra Comfort Stirrups for the OR stretcher - 

14. Ongoing Renovations to the Home Care Examination room -

with funds from the Eggart family

15. Difficult Video Laryngoscopes with adult & ped. blades -

purchased from our Casino fund.

16. Sleeper Chair for Acute Care

With funds from the Andre Labbe family

17. Children’s Toy Chest for Emergency & Acute Care Pediatric Patients

With funds raised by Glen Hurst

18. Bladder Scanner for Home Care – 

With Funds from Shell Resources & Trees of

Hope Campaign 2018

19. Storage Cupboard for Palliative Care built by Aztec Cabinets –

With funds from Pincher/Cowley Roaring Lions

20. C-Mac Intubation Scope for Emergency and Operating Room

21. Stubby Laryngoscope for Emergency and Operating Room

With funds from Trees of Hope Campaign 2018

22. Welch-Allen Wall Mount Audioscope for Home Care –

With funds from Trees of Hope Campaign 2018

23. Vital Signs Monitors with SpO2 –

With funds from the Ken May family

24. Bariatric Chairs for Home Care and Acute/Emergency Waiting Rooms

25. Operation Christmas Stocking Project – done yearly.

26. Estate Planning Seminars for Citizens of Pincher Creek and surrounding area

- done yearly

27. Airvo unit for Respiratory Care –

With funds from the Pickard family


Every piece of equipment purchased or project implemented enhances the care and provides top-of-the-line services to the citizens of Pincher Creek, MD of Pincher Creek and the surrounding areas. 

Thank you!